11th December 2013

Kate and Todd, Married at Kingsbrook Estate

This is going to be a hard blog post for me to write. I always find that when you become incredibly fond of people it’s always hard to articulate yourself without sounding like a sappy drip!

So here goes! Kate first contacted  made contact with me last year in July when she and Todd were staying in a hostel in Munich and Kate would use the internet in the hostel lobby! These guys had a gorgeous long working holiday overseas and whilst in the states, Todd proposed in New York. Kate’s email to this day, still amazes me. “After viewing your blog, we can’t seem to imagine anyone else capturing our special day – we haven’t even confirmed the wedding date, just because we want to make sure you are available!” as a wedding photographer, I’m not sure that there is anything more humbling than a couple planning their wedding day around your availability, it really does leave a big lump in my throat. From this moment onwards, I felt as if every time I was emailing Kate, I was getting in touch with a long lost friend. There really was just this beautiful immediate connection with her and I think it’s just because she has the most wonderful heart and is the nicest person. She’s the sort of person you want to be friends with, the type that you can’t help but naturally be drawn to and adore.

I have always said that the world works in mysterious and sometimes beautiful ways and whilst there doesn’t always seem to be a reason for some things, I definitely feel as if there was a higher power of some kind ensuring that our paths crossed. At the time when we first exchanged emails I’m sure neither of us could have guessed how things would turn out nor did we ever anticipate the journeys we would both separately walk throughout this year and how invaluable and important the relationship that was formed would be. I can also say that never in a million years did I ever expect to be invited to stay on as a guest with my husband David to celebrate their wedding. I’m so very thrilled that we were because their wedding day really did feel like a fabulous celebration of life and love. One that I will never forget. On a side note, who knew you could dance for hours upon end after a long stint behind the camera. I guess this is the beautiful thing about what I do is that it is more a joy to witness life’s celebrations and much less like a job on the day itself. What an honour.

Todd and Kate met when they were at school, twelve years ago but officially started “going steady” (giggle) at schoolies week at Victor Harbor ten years ago as Kate would say “as pimply teenagers”. Since then, these guys have travelled, bought a house, laughed, danced and created some wonderful memories. They have such a strong and beautiful foundation on which their marriage has started and it is such a beautiful thing that they are each others safety nets. There is something just so special about this.

Kate and Todd spent so many months working towards their wedding. They created many of the details themselves which further contributed to making the day personal and a real reflection on them as a couple. Everything down to the hand painted blackboards, hand cut and sewn table linen, individually painted magnets for the photobooth images and every single hand written name card was done by these guys. Kate by now I’m sure has a deep love for white pens, calligraphy and paint… LOL They sanded and painted garden bench seats for the alfresco area and there was even a homage to Kate’s pop who pretty much dedicated his life to Coca Cola, with an old Coca Cola crate housing some vintage style bottles of coke for guests during cocktail hour. Everything about this wedding had a meaning and it was personal. It also just happened to look sensational! They did such an amazing job.

They chose Kingsbrook Estate for their reception venue because it was close to Victor where they first started dating, so even the location had a symbolic meaning behind it. As we know, Kingsbrook is my most favourite wedding venue! I have always spoken very highly of Kingsbrook and as I said to Nelly their functions co-ordinator, it was really wonderful to stay on as a guest and be completely proven right about everything I have ever said about the location, food and staff. I can’t speak highly enough about these guys and the incredible parties that they throw because essentially, this is what they are doing. Throwing one huge wonderful party!

A huge special thank you must go to Kate and Todd’s bridal party and families! You guys were truly awesome to work with and I can’t emphasise how wonderful it was to be surrounded by such happy, helpful, caring and willing people! You guys rock!

It is with great pleasure and much excitement that I share with you Kate and Todd’s wedding. My Kate and Todd. It was beautiful, it was personal, it was fabulous and most importantly it was for them. You two are quite possible some of the nicest, most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I can’t help but feel a little sad that this monumental day is now over with and I feel as though it will be some time before my feet truly do touch the ground but I can’t help but feel really excited about all the other truly magical things that you both will experience together and I’m sure the first of many is just around the corner.

Thank you for inviting and allowing me to document your day for you. What an honour to preserve your memories, what an incredible way to finish the year  🙂




Wedding day cricket watching DSC_7879

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Kate and Todd decided to not have a traditional bridal table but sat amongst their guests. Canapes were served outside as the sun set and tea was served banquet style in the marquee. It was perfection!

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Ceremony Venue : St Joan of the Arc Victor Harbor

Reception Venue : Kingsbrook Estate, Main Road Currency Creek

Kate’s Dress: Jenny and Gerry’s

Flowers : Fleurieu Flowers

Makeup : Mary Colandro