18th October 2016

Grace and Johnny, married at Silvestri’s of Clarendon

Johnny and Grace were married on Saturday at Silvestri’s of Clarendon.  Everything just fell into place and I mean everything, their whole day was breathtakingly perfect but it was no accident!! It was the result of lots and lots of planning and amazingly good taste I think but also the fact that it was the wedding of two incredibly special souls.
I’m not sure if I should talk about the weather but I feel as though the weather gods need a little thank you! I saw the forecast for Saturday and after weeks of flood causing rain… it sprung a 29 degree day on us…. But with 50km per hour winds. For anyone that has ever worn a veil, tried on a veil or worked with a veil knows that there are two things that go against you on wedding days in particular.. wind and rain! LOL so the wind forecast was a little concerning for me BUT we seemed to be sheltered and everything was relatively still at Silvestri’s as though we were nestled away somewhere safe! I can actually say that the weather where we were was perfectly perfect!!
I met with Johnny and Grace several months ago and we talked about their wedding desires and the type of celebration they were trying to pull together and they really were so open to any ideas and suggestions that I gave them. So much so, I found myself repeatedly saying to them on their wedding day “I wish all my couples were like you guys” but then I thought to myself, if they were, I wouldn’t adore these guys as much as I do!!  What was so utterly wonderful about these guys is that they really listened to the experts that they hired, took on their advice and consequently, their wedding day was just faultless and stress free for them. Everything fell into a perfect and there was a beautiful ebb and flow for them and the day was just a magical success. I think this also comes down to Graces’ finite attention to detail, nothing was overlooked every aspect of their day was considered and well thought out.
I started the day at Malvern where Grace prepared for her day with her mum and friend Nicky.  Her brothers were there too and close family friends and there was a lovely relaxed atmosphere as Grace slipped into her delicate wedding gown.  The light in her mothers house was just absolutely perfection and I was in my element documenting all of her wedding details. What really took my breath away though throughout the day was seeing how much Grace thought of everyone else.  She just has the most beautiful heart and nothing and no one went overlooked.

adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0060 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0061 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0062 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0063 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0064 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0065 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0066 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0067 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0068 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0069 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0070 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0071  adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0073 Silvestri's of Clarendon

When I arrived at Silvestri’s, guests were arriving and milling around in the garden enjoying the sunshine and beautiful vista that the venue offers. I ducked inside to document all of the reception details and just adored how everything flowed seamlessly together.  It really reflected Grace and Johnny, classic and elegant with lots of warmth a pop of colour just a little bit of sparkle! It was so them.
Following their ceremony, Johnny, Grace, Anthony and Nicky all enjoyed some refreshments in the garden as we pottered around and did their creative photography. I know Johnny in particular was a little concerned like most grooms about the wedding photography aspect of their wedding day but I do believe, it turned out to be much more enjoyable than he imagined it could.  If you are able to strip away the photography side of things and actually have the right person with you on the day, as a couple, you should just be enjoying the company of your bridal party and then some quiet time with your new spouse! The beautiful photography should unfold from there.  Because Grace and Johnny were married later in the day, we were blessed with the most beautiful of light and Grace and Johnny have such a beautiful connection with each other, breathtakingly beautiful moments just naturally happened time and time again.  They’ve actually seen most of these images off the back of my camera because as they were unfolding in front of me, I was very excited and couldn’t help show them how utterly incredible they looked! LOL
adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0075 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0076 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0077 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0078 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0079 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0080 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0081 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0082 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0083 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0084 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0085 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0086 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0087 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0088 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0089 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0090 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0091 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0092 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0093 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0094 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0095 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0096 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0097 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0098 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0099 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0100 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0101 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0102 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0103 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0104 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0105 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0106 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0107 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0108 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0109 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0110 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0111 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0112 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0114adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0113  adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0115 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0116 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0119 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0120 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0121 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0122 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0123 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0124 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0125 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0126 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0127 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0128 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0130 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0129 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0131 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0132 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0133 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0134 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0135 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0136 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0137 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0138 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0139 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0140 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0141 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0142 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0143 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0144 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0145 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0146 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0148 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0149 adelaide-wedding-photographer-emma_sharkey_photography_0147

Grace and Johnny, I drove home on Saturday night so utterly overwhelmed and with a very happy heart.  I walked in the door, popped all of my bags down and went and read your card and I cried.  I cried because I was overwhelmed, I cried because of the love I witnessed and documented but I cried because I truly felt appreciated but most importantly I felt so, so blessed to have been asked by you both, to document your day and to me, there will never be enough thank you’s or adequate words to tell you just how honoured I am.  To have met you both and seen first hand your love for each other, It will be something I am forever grateful for. Thank you for sharing something so sacred and pure with me and for reminding me of just how beautiful it is, to document and preserve,  life’s most touching moments. May your journey together always be true & magical with a little bit of sparkle thrown in for good measure 😀

All my love

“Dearest Emma, 
A million thank you’s would still not be sufficient in our gratitude towards you.
Before I had official plans, a place to say when and where, before this journey began, the one thing I was sure of was who our photographer would be. Not only had I seen your incredibly talented, amazing, jaw opening, awe-inspiring work, little did I know that you are the most lovely lady of all!! The sheer joy, happiness, enthusiasm, bubblyness and charm are just half of who you are. From the absolute bottom of my heart, you are incredible Emma. God has given you this amazing gift. You have brought endless smiles to my face (& Johnny’s) and it has been a pleasure and an honour having you capture our special day and plan this with you from the start. I absolutely know that apart from the forever-kind-memories we’ll have from our day… we also have your individually captured magical moments in time.
My darling Emma Sharkey, our day will be made special by having you there. Thank you for everything.
All our love and blessings, 
Grace and Johnny
XXXX Oct 16″

Dream Team:
Ceremony and Reception Venue : Silvestri’s of Clarendon
Floral Designer : Sam Burnell Floral Design
Wedding Gown : Maggie Sottero, Jenny and Gerry’s
Pastor : Rob Norman
Bridesmaid Dress: Jadore Evening Gown
Wedding Stylist : La Vianto Wedding and Event Hire


31st August 2016

Published! The Adelaide Wedding of Natalie and Chris

I know when I’m old (or older) and wrinkly and I look back on my career and what I was able to do with my camera, one of the highlights and sense of accomplishment will be when a magazine has said “Yes, we would love to feature this wedding”.

Natalie and Chris’s wedding was a culmination of a few years of planning, lots of discussion and brainstorming and working through different options and when the day came around and I was there to document it, I was just so happy. Even though their wedding day took place quite some time ago now, I still remember smiling from ear to ear and swaying to the beat of the drum as this gorgeous couple made their amazing entrance into their wedding reception and proceeded to dance around the dance floor. It was just magical and looking at their wedding images, I was just transported straight back there.   That’s the most beautiful thing about photography and why it was so hard for me to narrow down a couple of images for me to include in this blog post.

I’m so so utterly humbled and thrilled that their wedding was featured and published in Bride To Be Magazine’s October edition.  This marriage and wedding celebration means so much to me, It’s a huge buzz to think that there are people all over Australia pouring over this gorgeous day.

Thank you Bride to Be for for your ongoing support and for putting the most darling of weddings in print 😀

To view more of Natalie and Chris’ wedding day and to see a full vendor list, please visit this link here


Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0002 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0003 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0004 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0005 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0006 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0007 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0008 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0009 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0010 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0011 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0013Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0012 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0014 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0015 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0016 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0017 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0018 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0019 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0020 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0021 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0022 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0023 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0024 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0025 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0026 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0027 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0028 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0029 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0030 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0031 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0033 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0034 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0032Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0035 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0036 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0037 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0038Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0039 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0040 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0047 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0048 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0049 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0050 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0051 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0052  Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0055    Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0042 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0043 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0045Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0044 Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0045

19th July 2016

National Wine Centre wedding of Dana and Beau

Dana and Beau were married in the first few weeks of winter at the National Wine Centre in Adelaide. It’s the first ceremony I have photographed on the wine centre grounds and I was so impressed, it’s a gorgeous secluded little location just perfect for CBD weddings, especially those having their receptions at the wine centre.

Over the last few months we’ve had some pretty sketchy weather. Floods, extreme wind warnings and the like, I mean extreme! Every time I was sat working at my computer and it would start pelting down with rain, my mind would drift to Dana and Beau’s wedding and I would find myself saying “god I hope it’s not like this on their wedding day” and I think Dana and I were in sync. Because not long after I was starting to rock in the corner about the weather that might be on their day, Dana would contact me to make sure we had back up plans. LOL Adelaide has quite a finite wedding season and it’s not very often that people muster the courage to book a winter wedding here, purely because of the unpredictability of our winter weather! So I have to take my hat off to Dana and Beau for standing firm on their winter wedding desires. The weather during the lead up was enough to have me shaking in my boots but as it turned out, the weather was just another absolutely stunning and perfect element to their gorgeous wedding day 😀

Everything did really fall into perfect place for this couples special celebration.  The weather was glorious, even the flower gods were on side! Dana carried Peonies in JUNE!!! WHAAAAT! That’s right flower loving folks reading this, we received a little flourish of beautiful peonies that week too and they were in fine form and used so beautifully by lilymai flowers to absolute perfection. I’ve never seen the Barrell Room of the Wine Centre look so elegant and opulant and the tall floral arrangements just set the room off so perfectly. I think it was a combination of all of the incredible little personal touches that made this wedding so beautiful and unique combined with the darling couple that Beau and Dana are with their amazing bridal party and guest list.

I had such a beautiful time photographing this heartfelt winter wedding, I hope that people of Adelaide start to open themselves up to the idea that a winter wedding can indeed be something really special 😀

Dana and Beau, now that you are back from your amazing honeymoon, I’m so thrilled to be sharing with you some of my favourite wedding images from your special day. You have such a beautiful connection and relationship with each other, I hope I’ve been able to preserve some of that for you to look back on in years to come.

Much love
XXXAdelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0002Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0003Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0005Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0006Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0007Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0009Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0010Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0011Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0012Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0013Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0014Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0015Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0016Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0017Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0018Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0019Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0020Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0022Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0023Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0024Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0025Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0026Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0027Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0028Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0029Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0030Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0032Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0033Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0034Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0036Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0038Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0039Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0040Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0041Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0042
I don’t usually recommend the Botanic Gardens for creative photography purely because of the number of people that not only visit but get married and have wedding images there. Even though it’s not a reality that my couples are the only ones getting married on their particular wedding day, I do want them to really feel like it is the case and that’s just not impossible when you are running into other couples or waiting in line to use particular spots for photography. However, with Dana and Beau’s wedding being a winter wedding, I we would likely have almost exclusive use of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, I knew we would have lovely overcast light and that it would just be the perfect location for them being so close to the Wine Centre.  The colours at the Botanic Gardens were just so gorgeous and I adore this series of images from that location. Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0043Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0044Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0045Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0047Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0049Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0050Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0051Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0052Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0053Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0054Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0055Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0056Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0057Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0058Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0059Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0060Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0061Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0062Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0063Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0064Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0065Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0066Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0067Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0068Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0069Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0070Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0071Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0072Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0073Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0074Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0080Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0079Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0081Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0081Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0077Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0078Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0082Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0084Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0085Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0088Adelaide Wedding Photographer Emma_Sharkey_Photography_0001
I’ve worked in the wedding industry for many years now and I was so delighted to work with some absolutely fabulous suppliers for the very first time for Dana and Beau’s wedding.

One of the things I often get asked for recommendations for is a videographer and I’m really excited to be able to share this video that Alannah and her team from Little Darling Films put together for Dana and Beau. It’s just beautiful and you can see it here https://vimeo.com/175179844

Their dream team were :

Ceremony and Reception Venue : National Wine Centre Adelaide
Celebrant : Penny Carrick from Celebrations from Penelope (I just adore her)
Flowers : Lilymai Flowers https://www.facebook.com/lilymai.flowers
Videography : Alannah from Little Darling Films.
Hairy by : Monie Ly
Makeup : Yvette Kaziowski https: www.facebook.com/LashAndKaboom
Bridesmaids Dresses : ASOS
Signage : Unlimited Function Art By Elise www.facebook.com/UnLimitedFunction
Placecards : Fran Johnson House https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/FranJohnsonHouse
Stationery : Invitations by PrimaDonna Statonery https://www.facebook.com/primadonnainvitations/?fref=ts
Save the Dates : Etsy Crafty Studio https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/TheCraftyStudio1
Dana’s dress : Princess Collection
Grooms Suit : Joseph Uzumcu


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