I’m in my early (quickly approaching mid) thirties and I have been blessed beyond belief to have met and married my partner in crime, my best friend, my David and together, we have three gorgeous little men. These four boys are my world and the reason why I chose to do what I do.

In my time on this planet, I have seen, felt, lived through and survived a lot. Much, much more than the average person and have been left with a raw and honest approach and philosophy about life, how people should be treated and how life should be preserved and documented.

I became a photographer after giving birth to our first son. I would stare at him for hours, taking in his every little wrinkle and soaking up every little piece of him. With every perfect breath he took, I wanted to freeze time and stay in that moment and importantly, as a mother, I always wanted to be able to remember him as he was; pure, tender and completely perfect. I didn’t want time to take that away from me or diminish those memories, those breathtakingly beautiful moments. This is why I became a photographer, to preserve peoples beautiful and the gentle moments of their soul.

I have had the privilege of witnessing and documenting many beautiful weddings and some of those couples have then asked me to document their most sacred of moments, the birth of their first child. These moments, together with my life experiences have shaped the person and photographer that I have become but it’s the journey I have walked to get where I am that not only makes me do what I do but also sets me apart from the rest. It’s what drives me as a mother, wife and life documenter. I’m a sentimentalist and believe that life and its precious moments should be documented and done so beautifully. Your memories and you deserve that.

I love lazy Sundays driving around the country with my boys. I love hot chocolate, coffee and cake, ice cream and I are the bestest of friends. I adore music ADORE music and when I grow up I would love to play the tambourine in a band, heck! I would love to do that and be a back up singer! LOL I love to have fun, I love to love life, I like things that are bold and beautiful and most importantly I’m so happy I’m alive.

I’m loyal, honest and humble.

I’m just a girl with a camera and I love what I do.